Elect Aleria Ladwig

Elect Aleria Ladwig
to Gibsons Council

For A Balanced Voice

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ABOUT Aleria

I’ve lived in communities throughout British Columbia, from Steveston and Port Hardy to the Northwest Territories border. But I’ve never lived anywhere like Gibsons! In the 10 years I’ve lived here, I’ve come to deeply appreciate how truly lucky we are to call Gibsons home.  

What I love most about our town are the people! We foster good values through conscious daily choices.  We are a compassionate community that values our children, our neighbours, our environment, our businesses and our common good. We’re creative in our interests, in how we socialize and support one another, and in how we earn our livelihoods—because let’s face it, sometimes earning a living on the Coast requires a bit of creativity!

These values are what make us great, and it’s important to me that the civic choices we make support these values and the quality of life we’ve created. I’m running for council because Gibsons is facing real challenges – from increased growth to affordable housing and aging infrastructure – and I believe that the choices we make over the next five to ten years will significantly influence how our community evolves.

If you love Gibsons and the quality of life our community is known for, I am asking for your vote for councillor on October 20th to help ensure a liveable future for Gibsons.


EXPERIENCE& Background

I have 20 years of experience developing and implementing public policy as an employee of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. I have collaborated with multiple levels of government and managed productive negotiations with a variety of stakeholders. I know how to move forward collaboratively after hearing and weighing different points of view, and I will bring these skills and experience to council as we grapple with the challenges of managing our town’s growth.  

I have served on the Gibsons Advisory Planning Commission; the Winegarden Park Advisory Committee; the Board of Directors for the Gibsons Public Market and the Planning Committee for the Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre. I have provided advice to the mayor and council on a diversity of topics including the need for a provincial subsidy for a foot passenger ferry service; implementing a curbside collection program for both organics and recycling; making improvements to Armours Beach and seawall; and the importance of appropriate zoning for marijuana dispensary stores.

I have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from Royal Roads University and a Technical Diploma from BCIT’s Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program.