About O’Shea Oceanmount Community Assn.’s Endorsement

A recent mailout from a neighbourhood group endorsing me as candidate has caused some confusion. Let me clarify:

·         I met with a few representatives of the group to explain my platform. It is my policy to meet with anyone who wishes to know more about my position on issues, goals for the Town, and personal background. I did not seek or expect their endorsement as a group, although naturally I did hope for their support as individuals.

·         The recent mailout from the group that endorsed me along with other candidates may have given the impression that I find common cause with those candidates. While I hope to work collaboratively with all groups and candidates, I am and will always be an independent voice for progress and sustainable growth in the Town of Gibsons.

·         I was only informed of the mailout after it had been delivered to Gibsons area households. I am dismayed that this has caused some of my supporters any distress or confusion.

·         The neighbourhood group in question is in the process of suing the Town over the Eagle Ridge development. I do not support this legal action as my platform and values have always been to promote meaningful consultation, informed and balanced decision making, and respectful dialogue.  It saddens me that our Town can be this divisive on these issues and, if anything, I hope to increase our community’s ability to collaborate and find common ground.

·         I hope that you see this group’s endorsement of me as a meaningful first step in that direction

Please, if you have questions about my platform or positions – contact me directly. I welcome feedback and am available via email at electaleria@gmail.com/ As we approach General Voting Day on Saturday, October 20 (8am – 8pm at the Gibsons Community Centre) let’s ensure we are each well-informed and then vote for whichever four candidates best represent our personal vision for this Town we all love.

Aleria Ladwig